Captain’s Responsibilities

a)  Paying league fees on time. Teams may be excluded without payment.
b) Learning in all rules and regulations contained herein AND in the N.F.H.S. rulebook AND to convey such information to all players. Knowledge of the N.F.H.S. rules and the Culver City league rules is the responsibility of each player. Ignorance of the rules will not reduce penalties for rules(s) violations.
c) Attending any MANDATORY Captain’s meeting or sending a representative.
d) Turning in a legible Official League Roster by the designated deadline. Failure to turn in an official roster will result in forfeit of games each week the roster is still outstanding.
e) Keeping contact information (main phone number, email, etc.) current.
f) Handling the eligibility of each player and verifying each player’s signature on the Official Roster/Informed Consent and Release/Alcohol Ordinance form. Only rostered players will be eligible to participate.
(i.e. Ice Pack, Sports Tape, Ankle Wraps & etc...)
h) CAPTAIN MUST Provide Game ball (Home teams gets to choose)
i) MAKING SURE THERE IS NO ALCOHOL CONSUMED IN THE GYMS BY ANY PLAYERS, OR SPECTATORS. THIS IS A SCHOOL DISTRICT AND CITY ORDINANCE. IF A TEAM OR THEIR SPECTATORS ARE IN POSSESSION OR CONSUMING ALCOHOL, THE GAME WILL BE FORFEITED BY THAT TEAM AND THE OFFENDING TEAM WILL BE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM THE LEAGUE. Teams in the Adult Sports Program who are in violation of this ordinance will be permanently prohibited from future participation in Adult Sports League play. This penalty will be effective immediately upon discovery of the violation and is non-protestable.
j) Ensure proper conduct of his/her team members and spectators
k) Ensure that no food or drinks are brought into the gyms by their team members or spectators associated with their team
l) Ensure that there is no smoking on school grounds by their team members or spectators associated with their team
m) Forfeits are the responsibility of the registered manager. ALL CITY ATHLETICS will bill you as the party responsible for payment. This will block our registration for any class, event, & permit request with the city until this fee is paid. Please see: Forfeits sec:14a
n) EACH Player is required to fill out first & last name plus initial the score sheet to get credit for game played witnessed by the scorekeeper