1.  The minimum age requirement to participate is 18 years old.
  2.  Anyone participating in any league game must have a valid California drivers license or picture I.D. in his/her possession at all times. If at any time a League Representative (Official, Scorekeeper, etc.) asks a participant for his/her I.D. he/she MUST show it to the League Representative immediately. If the participant does not have his/her I.D. with him/her at the time the Representative asks to see it, he/she shall be ineligible for that game. If the game is already in progress, the player shall be considered an illegal player and any/all penalties shall apply.
  3. Women are allowed to play in the men’s divisions.
  4. All program participants MUST completely fill out and sign the Official Roster/Consent Release/Alcohol Ordinance forms prior to the first game they will play in.
  5. The team manager must turn in this form to the League Scorekeeper at the game site before ANY player participates in the program activity.
  6. Players must sign score sheet by their name to get credit for game played.
  7. All Players MUST be Paid (receipt required). Prorated fee applies and NO REFUNDS after the registration deadline.


  1. It is the responsibility of each player to read the Culver City Basketball rules contained herein AND in the N.F.H.S. rule book. Ignorance of the rules will not reduce penalties for rule(s) violations.
  2. Participants are not allowed to harass, threaten or deride ANY Officers or agents, including facilities staff. The use of physical force with the intent to harm any staff will not be tolerated. The league management will determine all penalties for those in violation of this rule
  3. No one is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at any of the Culver City parks according to the City Ordinance 13.03.025.
  4. Penalties for individuals who are in violation of Ordinance Number 13.03.025 (Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Streets and Public Parks); in the Adult Sports Program will be permanently eliminated from future participation in the Culver City Adult Sports Leagues. This penalty will be effective immediately upon discovery of the violation and is non-protestable.
  5. Players and Captains are responsible to adhere to all Culver City Parks & facilities Rules including no animals allowed at any time.
  6. Any player and/or team involved in fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct, during or after a game will be subject to an suspended from the League and will not be allowed to return to the league, or participate in any other Culver City Adult Sports League until given written notice by the City of Culver City Recreation Supervisor and ALL CITY ATHLETIC officials. If necessary, cases of unsportsmanlike conduct may be referred to a hearing by the Basketball Executive Committee (Adult Basketball Coordinator, Head Official, and Recreation Supervisor) for final determination of penalties.
  7. Penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior may include suspension(s) or elimination from the League depending on the severity of the incident. Any participant violating a City Ordinance, other than the Alcohol Ordinance, will be subject to discipline procedures, which may include suspension/expulsion.