Game Time and Forfeit Fee

a) Captains are responsible for informing players of the Game Status . Game times and possible cancellations, beginning at 12p of game day.
b) If games are cancelled, email and a phone call (text msg if capable) effort will be made to notify each manager.
c) Cancelled games will be rescheduled at the end of the regular season if time permits
d) If more than one week of schedule games were cancelled, they will be scheduled in the order that they occurred
a) NO ONE IS PERMITTED in the gym unless accompanied by ACA staff
b) Game time (Tip-Off) is determined by the Official Game Schedule
c) Grace period is eight (8) minutes. This will come off the game clock & one point per-minute is added to the non-offending teams score.
d) Teams may start and play with four (4) players once the fifth legal player arrives, the NHSF rules apply.
e) Games are played in 4 eight-minute quarters/periods.
f) The clock will stop on Shooting Fouls, common fouls under 10 second during periods 1, 2 & 3, on all whistles in the last (2) two minutes of the 4th period (provided the difference in score is nine (9) points or less). *10 points clock runs
g) The clock Will run if the lead is Fifteen  (15) or more points at four (4) minutes remain in the 4th period
h) The clock shall be stopped on all made baskets in the last 30 seconds of the 4thperiod ONLY
i) Overtime = two (2) minute, 2nd Overtime = one (1) minute, and 3rd Overtime will be the sudden death.
j) Timeouts = One full (45 seconds) and one 30 second per half. The team that calls the timeout can advance the ball to the half court if no forward progression has occurred. Break between quarters up to one minute. Halftime will be up to two (2) minutes and warm-up times up to five (5) minutes if time permits.
Request to Reschedule” under these conditions:

  1. Non-requesting team agrees to the reschedule (they have the option of taking the forfeit win)
  2. There is an open date and gym time determined by ACA (TBA)
  3. Possible doubleheader or alternate night of play
  4. If we are not able to schedule the game will be recorded as a forfeit loss (no forfeit fee)

FORFEITS = .5 loss
a) Forfeit fees are your game fee + your opponent’s fee due five minutes before your next game played. Fees are to be sealed in an envelope check only make out to CASH. You will sign the scorebook as conformation of this transaction
b) Two forfeit will constitute a review by the management for possible removal from the league.
c) Forfeiture are calculated in the standings with a .5 loss
d) Proof of Online payments = you are required to bring the PAID receipt of the transaction to the game.