Contact Info

Manager's Main Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of the:
  • *Calling the Game Status Line (310) 2536663 12 noon game day (*Culver City League ONLY)
  • Keeping up with all emailed info & current schedule
  • Game Cancellations
    • Communicating any game cancellations with league administration, your player & guests
  • Officials Fees due at every game $40 per (full season payments options are available)
  • Forfeit fees are due no later than five minutes before your next game played. Fees are to be sealed in an envelope check only make out to CASH $80 or Online payment = you are required to bring the PAID receipt of the transaction to the game. You will sign the scorebook as confirmation of this transaction
  • Rosters Management:
    • Maintaining your ONLINE & Official roster & Players Play-off eligibility (50% attendance required)
  • Updating ALL CITY ATHLETICS administration with any changes to your contact information, email, main contact number, co-Mgr, & etc.

Email your roster: Team name, night, division, season, player 1st & last, DOB and email to

  • Protest procedures
  • Pre/Post Season, Consolation Games & Championship format subject to change
  • Spectator capacity is 20 guests per team MAX
      (i.e. Ice Pack, Sports Tape, Ankle Wraps & etc…)

We are only off on city’s recognized holidays. Teams may submit a “Request to Reschedule” for consideration.
New Rules/Highlights:
Clear-Path-To-The Basket-Foul: Click Here
Consolation & or Preseason Games = Officials fees MUST be prepaid no later than one week before the game.  If the Official fees is not prepaid the game will not be scheduled
    Personal Foul No Foul OUTS (Penalty: Loss of possession; two free-throws for non-shooting fouls)
NBA Jump Ball, 8 Sec backcourt, 4 Qtrs., Stop-Clock on Free throws,
Divisions Skill Levels Defined:

  1. Basic = Novice, Just for Fun (Not for Dunking)
  2. Advanced = Adult League experienced, savvy, mixed talent (2 to 5 HS Varsity Players)
    1. Dunking Permitted
  3. Competitive = Adult League experienced, skilled, Not for Beginners, (HS Varsity Skilled & up)
    1. NBA Defensive Three Seconds (Competitive ONLY): 

* Any defensive player, who is positioned in the 16-foot lane or the area extending 4 feet past the lane endline, must be actively guarding an opponent within three seconds. Actively guarding = being within arms length of an offensive player and in a guarding position.
24 Second Clock Rules

  •     Activated in the last two (2) minutes of each quarter or half
  •     Will be held until the ball is inbounded