b) Teams that did not participate in the game in question cannot make a protest.

c) A protest must be reported to the referee in charge by the captain or manager of the protesting team prior to the next live ball.

d) A protest regarding an alleged Illegal player(s) must be reported by the protesting team to the referees in charge once the player enters the game or by the end of the 1st quarter if the player starts the game

  • The referees will then notify the opposing Team Manager or representative and Scorekeeper that the game is under protest.

e) A written protest MUST be submitted by email to official@allcityathletics.org by the protesting team within two working days no later than 5:00 p.m. after the game in question along with a $25 protest fee.

f) If the protest fee does not accompany the written protest, the protest will not be considered valid.

 No fee is required for protest of an illegal player(s).

g) A formal protest should include the date, time, place of the game, names of referees and scorekeeper, the rule and section of the N.F.H.S rulebook or Culver City Adult Basketball Rules, and all essential facts involved in the protest.

h) If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned. If the protest is not upheld, the protest fee will be forfeited to the City of Culver City.


1)  Technical & Flagrant Fouls

a)Technical foul by a player = 1 free Throw. That player must sit out two dead balls

b)Second technical foul in one game automatic player ejected and suspended for one game

c)A team receiving a combined total of three (3) technical fouls in one game shall forfeit that game.

d)Flagrant fouls are under a strict cumulative point system

    • 1 point  Ejection
    •  2 points suspended 1 game
    • 3 points  season suspension

Any foul deemed unsportsmanlike will be an immediate ejection and subject one game suspension
(Further penalties will follow if necessary) *Flagrant Fouls are not Intentional Fouls*

e)All players serving suspensions must notify the Captains of any/all teams they play on that they are ineligible for the period of time set forth by the League.

f)Suspended players are not allowed at the game sites. Any hostile behavior will be subject to further disciplinary action.


a) Any team found using illegal player (a player who has not completely filled out and signed an Informed Consent and Release/Alcohol Policy form, and is not on the team Official  League Roster) will be penalized in the following manner:

First Offense: One game suspension for the Manager of record of the offending team REGARDLESS if he/she was at the game or not AND one game suspension for the illegally rostered player.  Forfeiture of the game
 Second Offense:

  1. Manager of the offending team is suspended for the remainder of the season
  2. Forfeiture of the game

Third Offense:

  1. Offending team is suspended from registering for participation in the following season
  2. Forfeiture of the game