1. Officials (Referee and Scorekeepers)

a) All Officials have jurisdiction BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER all games.

b) Two referees will be assigned to every scheduled game

c) $40 per game to their game’s official scorekeeper prior to the start of each game (CASH ONLY). Initial the score-sheet for verification.

d) No game will start until the officials are paid. If a team fails to pay the officials fee, the game will be forfeited. The time will follow grace period rules.

e) If an assigned referee fails to appear for any scheduled game, the game will be played with one referee until the game is completed or until the assigned or are placement referee arrives.

f) “One Man Mechanic” that official will receive a minimum fee equal to a game and a half of a game divided by the teams (ex: $30 + $15= $45)

g) If an official arrives late the teams will only have the obligation to pay for the quarters worked.

ex: Official per quarter rate= $ 7.50; One Man Mechanic per quarter rate= $5.65

h) If both assigned referees fail to appear and they arrive late without enough time to complete the game, the game will be rescheduled.