a) The HOME will provide the “Official” ball for play. If the “Official” ball is not adequate, the referee will designate the ball for play.

b) Players on the same team MUST have similar and light colored uniforms with numbers on the back (numbers on the front or optional). If there is a duplication of colors, slipover pennies may be available for one team to use.

c) All jewelry must be removed prior to entering the game.

d) Must have uniform by third (3rd) game played.

e) PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN FIRST AID & Equipment (i.e. Ice Pack, Sports Tape, Ankle Wraps & etc...)

f) Each CAPTAIN MUST bring  a Game ball


a) Rosters must be complete with names, email, resident address, and phone numbers for all players online and roster form

b) The maximum number of players per team roster is tem (10) min seven (7), which includes playing Captain’s and coaches

c) Rosters MUST inputted online & be turned in to the League Representative at the game site before the team’s first game


      1. Captains can add and/or make changes to their official roster unit the halfway point of the regular season.
        1. *Players must sign a Waiver Form before playing/participating in any game.
      2. Captain’s must submit roster changes, by the deadline, in the following options:
        1.  culvercityadultbasketball@allcityathletics.org & ONLINE @ allcityathletics.org (under your team admin account)

a) To add a free agent, the Team Management may request “Free Agent List” @ Org. The Team Manager should notify the     ALL CITY ATHLETICS Official/s of the players they are adding from the Free Agent List in order to keep the list updated.


a) After the roster and period has expired, changes regarding injured players may be made at ANY time (including regular season, playoff, and championship games) ONLY if written verification can be produced by the injured player’s physician stating why the player cannot participate further in the league and for the estimated period of inactivity. Written verification must be turned into the Recreation Supervisor.

b) Once written verification is produced, the injured player may be replaced with player of the manager’s choice.

c) When the injured player is eligible to return (ONLY after he/she can provide medical clearance) the manager may drop any player of his/her choice.